So Melliflous!

Since we’re just acquainting, you should know that I AM ADDICTED TO MUSIC and can spend most days listening to it from morning to…


Dinner At Katja

I was awoken from my sieste by a text from an unrecognizable number that read “Welcome back birthday girl”.  I immediately replied  “Who is this?”…


In These Choos

I wore this outfit for a job work (doing wardrobe styling in Chicago) and felt amazing in it! The look as illustrated in the…


Hanging Around

Whilst hanging out with some friends to catch up on the music life at our good friend studio and stumbled upon this little fedora on said… Music Unites Chicago Event Clotaire El Radio Fantastique

Music Unites

A few years ago today, whilst visiting friends in Chicago, I was invited to attend a fundraiser at Cafe XO. The event was hosted…


Fashion. Love, Africa

Fashion. Love, Africa, designs and purchases hand knitted eco-friendly totes constructed from post consumer plastic bags gathered and woven by female residents living in…


Queen Victoria

Whilst magazine browsing, I stumbled upon an article on Victoria Beckham and blushed with admiration for the chicness which she embodies. She is a clever…